University of instant professions for a new generation
Qamalladin University is a one—year program for training competitive Junior specialists in the field of marketing.
Media Marketing

Digital Marketing
Creative Marketing companies
Full immersion into the profession
Hard skills + Soft skills

25% theory’s
75% practice’s
The Uniqueness of the project- adaptation to the demands of the modern world, instant assimilation of popular and relevant professions of the digital market in 1 year of training.
Teachers are active marketers and marketing experts
The training is conducted in 2 formats:
Leading universities of the country cooperate with Qamalladin University:
AlmaU (Almaty Management University) is a higher educational institution in Almaty that trains specialists in bachelor's degree, MBA, DBA programs.
Satpayev KazNTU (Kazakh National Research Technical University) is the largest scientific and methodological university in Kazakhstan for training world—class specialists.
In 2023-2024, the university plans to open 2 new faculties:
Faculty for training IT specialists who work in the field of information technology.
Information Technology
Faculty for training specialists working in the field of restaurant and hotel business development.
(Restaurant and Hotel Business)
We are looking for investments for the growth and development of innovative education in Kazakhstan!
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